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Bay Health Center


Regenerative Medicine Provider

Bay Health Center


Regenerative Medicine Provider
platelet rich plasma therapy

Platelet rich plasma therapy is a more permanent fix than traditional pain injections

As an emerging regenerative therapy, platelet rich plasma therapy shows great potential in the areas of pain relief and injury rehabilitation, but many people are still hesitant to try it. At Bay Health Center, we salute your skepticism because treating your particular condition is a process that will take time and dedication- the decision process should also take the appropriate time and consideration. It is important to keep in mind that this is no temporary cure- unlike traditional pain injections, PRP is a more permanent solution.

Overcoming pain with platelet rich plasma therapy

The injection process itself takes 1-2 hours including the time taken to withdraw and spin the blood and PRP injections can be repeated to achieve a greater level of healing and pain reduction. However, on course with our philosophy at Bay Health Center, if we decide to go forward with platelet rich plasma therapy, the injections are only one piece of the plan. Improvements can be reasonably expected in as few as 4-6 weeks from the injections alone, but we will design a course of physical therapy that will help to strengthen the region further without causing damage to the injected tissues. 


PRP is a relatively safe procedure with low risk of adverse side effects. Allergic reactions are not expected because you are injecting your own blood, but needle injections do come with the the rare risk of infection and nerve damage.

Is prp right for you?

Platelet rich plasma is considered as an alternative to more conservative methods of treatment without being classified as surgical or invasive. If you are not finding the relief you need to live a happy life through traditional methods, it may be worth considering PRP- the only way to find out is by calling our office to schedule an appointment.