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Bay Health Center


Regenerative Medicine Provider

Bay Health Center


Regenerative Medicine Provider
nutrition as therapy

Nutrition as part of your spinal disc restoration program

Nutrition is a crucial factor in pain management. To exemplify this, let's look at some of America's favorite foods: sugar and saturated fat. 

  • Processed sugar has been shown to increase the presence of inflammatory markers known as cytokines in the blood.
  • Saturated fat, found in many full-fat dairy products such as cheese, causes inflammation in fat tissues and worsens inflammation in spinal joints that are affected by injury. 

It's probably no surprise that a diet rich in processed foods, bad fats and excessive sugar can contribute to painful inflammation. However, many people are surprised to find that their attempts at eating healthy are still leaving them short when it comes to their injury. 

With our spinal disc restoration program, nutrition is therapy

At Bay Health Center, we perform nutritional tests to determine if you may be nutrient-deficient in key areas that are affecting your spinal disc injury. To exemplify this, let's look at the herniated disc, an injury that involves the cracking of a cartilaginous structure- the annulus fibrosus, or the outer layer of the disc. We want to focus on foods that support the growth and repair of healthy cartilage.

Ingredients that support this include:

  • Vitamin C: which binds and supports tissue and forms collagen
  • Sulfur-rich foods: to facilitate protein and collagen production
  • Glucosamine sulfate: an essential compound for maintenance and repair of collagen

To help with pain, we focus on anti-inflammatory ingredients including omega-3 fatty acids, herbs and cooking spices which will help fill out the nutritional density of each meal and prevent the chain of events which leads to inflammation. 

Good spinal health is made easier with good nutrition 

Nutrition is an integral part of our spinal disc restoration program. We can help you highlight nutrient deficiencies and create a plan that will decrease inflammation and speed up the rehabilitation process. Give our office in Palo Alto a call to schedule an appointment today. 

Dr. Vitaly Mozeson, D.C.