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Bay Health Center


Regenerative Medicine Provider

Bay Health Center


Regenerative Medicine Provider
disc restoration therapy

At our office in Palo Alto, we go beyond spinal decompression with disc restoration therapy.

Non-surgical spinal decompression is an alternative to surgery that targets the root of your pain rather than masking symptoms with pain-killing drugs. However, decompression is only one piece of the puzzle: spinal discs are sensitive structures that are subject to a host of deleterious movements throughout our lives. Vertebral disc injuries are therefore extremely complex conditions which require an equally multi-dimensional response in order to rehabilitate successfully. 

Disc restoration therapy is more than spinal decompression

Our disc restoration therapy center treats every injury as unique and thus comes up with a completely individualized plan for recovery that gives you the greatest chance of success. Our goals begin with eliminating pain as effectively as possible- we use an advanced decompression table to stretch the spine and facilitate the healing process for many spinal disc injuries. 

Continuing to support your recovery efforts after spinal decompression

  • Focusing on core strength: develops the core as a stabilizing force- a tremendous benefit to beleaguered spinal discs in the lower back.
  • Stretching regularly: prevents the stagnation inherent in sit-heavy lifestyles and promotes circulation of fluids and nutrients to injurious regions, helping them mend quickly. 
  • Eating right: includes a focus on healing ingredients. For example, a herniated disc benefits from a collagen diet that helps to repair the fibers that are torn in the outer layer of the disc. Anti-inflammatory ingredients help inhibit pain and allow the injury to heal quickly. 
  • Focusing on posture: further alleviates the burden of compressive forces and stagnation to the discs of your spine. 

Realizing a pain-free life with spinal decompression

The human body has an amazing capacity for healing injuries, even serious ones involving spinal discs, but it can always use a helping hand. For injuries that are this life-encroaching, it is worth giving yourself every advantage to heal successfully and prevent the injury from recurring. Our disc restoration therapy goes beyond, "just healing," the disc and strengthens you to move forward into the future pain-free. If you are dealing with a long-standing spinal disc injury, give our office in Palo Alto a call to schedule an appointment and let's start the healing process today. 

Dr. Vitaly Mozeson, D.C.