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Bay Health Center


Regenerative Medicine Provider

Bay Health Center


Regenerative Medicine Provider
platelet rich plasma therapy

Platelet rich plasma therapy is a more permanent fix than traditional pain injections

As an emerging regenerative therapy, platelet rich plasma therapy shows great potential in the areas of pain relief and injury rehabilitation, but many people are still hesitant to try it. At Bay Health Center, we salute your skepticism because treating your particular condition is a process that will take time and dedication- the decision process should also take the appropriate time and consideration. It is important to keep in mind that this is no temporary cure- unlike traditional pain injections, PRP is a more permanent solution.

platelet rich plasma

Before we talk about platelet rich plasma therapy, what the heck is a platelet?

Our blood contains roughly 93% red blood cells, 6% white and 1% plasma, but of these three, platelets are the cells that have the most potential for healing. They facilitate tissue repair by "recruiting" cells to the injury that help with reparation. When an injury occurs, the body sends platelets to begin the repair process and recruit stem cells to the affected region. Platelet rich plasma injections take this natural process one step further-  t he idea behind this non-surgical treatment is that we stimulate the natural healing process by activating the platelets and stem cells that are already within your body. 

nutrition as therapy

Nutrition as part of your spinal disc restoration program

Nutrition is a crucial factor in pain management. To exemplify this, let's look at some of America's favorite foods: sugar and saturated fat. 

  • Processed sugar has been shown to increase the presence of inflammatory markers known as cytokines in the blood.
  • Saturated fat, found in many full-fat dairy products such as cheese, causes inflammation in fat tissues and worsens inflammation in spinal joints that are affected by injury. 

It's probably no surprise that a diet rich in processed foods, bad fats and excessive sugar can contribute to painful inflammation. However, many people are surprised to find that their attempts at eating healthy are still leaving them short when it comes to their injury. 

phsyiotherapy in palo alto

Physiotherapy as part of your spinal disc restoration therapy

Spinal decompression is the first step in our five-part plan for healing your damaged spinal disc to help you move on from pain. By encouraging the retraction of bulging disc material and allowing for rehydration of the injured rgion, decompression is excellent for starting the healing process. However, successful rehabilitation doesn't stop here; at Bay Health Center, we follow up spinal decompression with a comprehensive plan to facilitate healing and physiotherapy is a big part of this. This stage of the process involves two parts that will help reduce the painful inflammation that accompanies nerve compression, allowing you to move on to strengthening with exercise and stretching. 


We seek to treat your injury with physical methods rather than drugs or invasive surgery. With massage, heat treatment and targeted exercise, we focus on relaxing muscle tissue and reducing nerve compression in the affected area. 

spinal disc restoration therapy

Spinal disc restoration therapy is beneficial for many spinal conditions

Long standing and chronic back pain is an immense drain on a person's daily well-being; not only does it cause physiological pain but also psychological damage when pain induces anxiety. The search for relief is an individual endeavor that can take people to all corners of the medical world. At Bay Health Center, we believe you should have all the facts in your hands when making the decision to treat your pain. At our office in Palo Alto, you will always receive a comprehensive spinal examination to determine whether spinal disc restoration therapy could benefit you.

Who is a good candidate for our spinal disc restoration therapy in the Bay Area